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Shipping & Returns

    • Furniture should be stored at a temperature of no more than + 100 - +20°C.

    • When transporting furniture at zero temperature, it is necessary before use. Store it in a warm room for at least a day without use.

    • Relative air humidity at 60-70%.

    • Do not place the furniture in direct sunlight.

    • It is not allowed to place furniture: 

    1. in direct sunlight;

    2. near heating devices (at least 1 meter);

    3. by direct contact with water;

    4. on damp ground;

    • Furniture should be moved slightly off the floor;

    • When unfolding transitional elements of furniture, avoid sudden jumps and distortions;


    During transportation and storage, the furniture must be securely protected, it must also be protected from placing a hot object, solvent chemical solutions, moisture, dampness, dirt, strong impact, impact with heavy objects, and must not fall from any height.

    1. Care of leather furniture.

    When caring for leather furniture, do not use chemical polishes, solvents or abrasive pastes or powders that can damage the surface and color of your furniture. Also, avoid contact with surfaces that contain pigments, such as carpets, stuffed animals, especially light-colored leather surfaces.Use a soft flannel cloth dampened with water to remove dust and dirt. If the contamination is very strong, use a mild neutral soap solution.

    Remember that friction and sudden movements are dangerous for leather furniture, clean the furniture with smooth circular movements. Prevent skin (skin) aging at least twice a year. To do this, treat the surface of leather furniture with a special care compound. For these purposes, the company suggests using a specialized leather furniture care product that can be purchased at a supermarket.

         ექსპლოატაციის ყველა პირობის დაცვა საშუალებას მოგცემთ გამოიყენოთ თქვენი ავეჯი, Both wooden and soft, for a long period of time... it will maintain the aesthetic appearance and the security of the contents.

    2) Maintenance of cloth (also wooden) furniture

    Upholstered furniture is intended for relaxation (sitting, lying) in living rooms and should be used only for this purpose. The safety of furniture and its service life do not only depend on the quality of the manufactured product, but also on its proper care and operation.  Furniture should work in a non-cold, non-moist room, it should not be placed near heating. The recommended air temperature in heated rooms during the operation of furniture products is from +10°C to +28°C with a relative humidity of 40-65%. During transportation and storage of furniture in packaging, it must be reliably protected from moisture, dirt, strong impact, impact with heavy, sharp objects, it is also unacceptable to drop furniture from any height.

    It is not allowed to subject the furniture and its parts to unusual loads!

    You should not sit on your back, arms, run or jump on the furniture as this can cause structural damage. The load on the furniture should be evenly distributed and not exceed the allowed limits. When moving furniture from one place to another, it is not allowed to take it with straps, it is necessary to hold only the lower part of the frame. To avoid various types of mechanical damage  when rearranging furniture, take into account the protection of structural elements or legs.

    Maximum load on product elements:

    • Seat: static - 100 kg, dynamic - 80 kg.

    • Raster mechanisms (arms): static - 30 kg, dynamic - 20 kg.

    • Sleeper: static - 110 kg, dynamic - 80 kg.

    • Maximum static load on one bent adhesive product (lat) - 35 kg.

    • The maximum load distributed on the bottom of the bed linen box is 15 kg.


    - use seats and open bed for jumping and other physical exercises;

    - stand with your feet on the soft elements of the seats and back; 

    placing hot objects and sharp objects on the furniture surface;

    - point load on the furniture surface;

    - Hitting the surface of the furniture with heavy objects;

    - running sharp (cutting) objects  on the furniture surface;

    -  Exceeding the maximum load on product elements (maximum values are given above).

  • 1. Regular maintenance:

    - To remove dust and maintain the silky shine of the material, the fabric should be cleaned regularly with a handheld vacuum cleaner.

    - Remove dust with a sponge or a soft cloth brush.

    2. Routine cleaning:

    New Oily and Wet Spots  extends as follows:

    - attach a well-absorbing towel to them;

    - treat the contaminated area with a little water and liquid soap;

    - wait 2-3 minutes, then rub the stain with a sponge or a soft brush in circular motions;

    - Thoroughly dry the clean, damp surface, restore the pile by carefully brushing in the appropriate direction.

    3. Heavy pollution:

    - Heavy soiling can be removed with commonly used and commercially available water-based cleaners.

    - Stains made with a ballpoint pen or lipstick can be neutralized with a 10% alcohol solution.

    - Do not try to rub or scrape the dried spots - follow the instructions above.

    Warranty service conditions:

    Warranty period of operation of products - 18 months from the date of sale. Appearance claims. Accepted  If the product has noticeable discrepancies, it is incomplete, as well as in case of non-fulfillment of the order. and only upon receiving the product by the buyer. 

    Warranty service includes repair work and replacement of defective parts of the product. Repair is carried out at home or at the factory, depending on the nature of the defect. Free and paid service maintenance is carried out in the presence of a copy of the sales receipt (or other documents confirming the purchase of the product from this seller) and the buyer's statement.

    There are no furniture defects:

    • Tingling during operation of the mechanism (excluded by lubricating the adhesive parts with silicone).

    • Slight variation in fabrics and leathers.

    • The variation in the shading of fabrics, which occurs when the direction of the fibers of the fabrics changes (the effect of stains). The presence of small hairline cracks ("cracked effect"), for genuine leather and leather substitutes. Abrasion of furniture coverings made of natural leather and leather materials, which occurs over time ("aging" effect).

    • Manifestation of natural traces of animal activity (bites, folds, etc.) on natural skin.

    • Inconsistency in the number of folds on symmetrical parts of furniture.

    • Wrinkles on the shirt that appear after removing the load and disappear after a light smooth hand.

    • Small irregularities in the seams.

    • Residual deformations of soft elements in fins of 10%.

    • The height difference between the surface of the product parts and the products themselves in one set is up to 20 mm.

    3. Maintenance of solid wood  (walnut, beech, oak) and surfaces covered with natural coating:

    It should be remembered that all wooden surfaces can change their appearance over time, not only due to climatic characteristics and environmental conditions, but also due to the way the owners took care of it. In addition to the general care conditions (see above), it is recommended to use a dry soft cloth for cleaning. Always dry thoroughly (wipe with a dry cloth) wet areas after cleaning. A good alternative is systematic dry cleaning with a vacuum cleaner equipped with a soft brush. It is advisable to use a special product.


    Instructions for using the transformation mechanism.

    • Make sure that there are no fingers or other foreign objects in the folding parts of the mechanism

    • The appearance of a chirping sound during the operation of the mechanism is not a defect (it can be easily eliminated by lubricating the parts with car oil);

    • It is not allowed to turn suddenly, or to open by sleeping, in order to avoid deformation of the components of the mechanism. The mechanism must be opened carefully, following the opening direction; 

    • When the fastening fittings are loosened during the operation of the furniture, it is necessary to periodically tighten the fastening connections.

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