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  • Warranty conditions: the manufacturer reserves the right to make changes in the design of the furniture, which will not change the overall appearance.

    Free warranty repair is not carried out:

    If the warranty period has expired


    • In case of violation of the furniture operation rules specified in this instruction.

    • In the presence of mechanical damage: in case of exceeding the allowable loads on the transformation mechanism and parts on the seat, linen box, straps, folding mechanism. on the back...

    • In case of damage to the product as a result of wrongful or intentional actions of the user or a third party, as well as damage by pets.

    • In the presence of traces of foreign interference in the design of the product or its repair.

    • When storing furniture in conditions that do not meet the manufacturer's requirements.


    • in case of violation of the furniture operation rules and furniture maintenance rules specified in the passport;

    • if the product has traces of unauthorized intervention or repair without a warranty certificate;

    • upon detection of unauthorized changes in product design;

    • Intentional damage, acts of God, misuse, pet damage, temperature and mechanical damage (for example, iron or fire),   chemical, liquid and insect damage.

    In these cases, service - repair is performed at the expense of the user.

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